The Law Firm, founded and leaded by Chiara Padovani, provides judicial assistance and highly qualified legal services over the criminal law and the litigation area in favor of Italian and international companies, listed and not listed, of their management and also to private subjects. The network of professionals who collaborate with the Law Firm also guarantees – if necessary – assistance in the coordination and organization of the administrative proceedings related to the administrative and criminal law fields. Some of the professionals also teach in the most important universities.

Expertise, accuracy, independence and confidentiality are the reference values that address the mission and permeate the philosophy of the Law Firm, characterized by a prompt and direct intervention and, at the same time, by a complete and well-structured organization. The assistance is guaranteed in different languages, signally in Italian, English, French, German and Spanish.

The Law Firm develops for its clients a complete, efficient and tailor made assistance, built upon excellence and professionality.


The Law Firm provides, to its clients, technical assistance in the field of criminal law, substantial and processual, with specific attention to the administrative liability of corporations and legal entities for crimes committed by their members.

The Law Firm has gained solid experience in the following fields of criminal law:

Criminal liability
of professionals

Criminal liability
of companies

criminal law

Cyber crimes and criminal law
applied to the new technologies

criminal law

Corporate criminal liability under
the Italian legislative decree n. 231/2001

Particular attention is also given to the judicial profiles afferent to the International Rogatory and to the cooperation between foreign Judicial Authorities.

The Law Firm also offers assistance for the adoption and implementation of the compliance models (Organizational, Management and Control Model) on behalf of multinational corporations and listed companies, along the organizational criteria of transparency, effectiveness, share of liabilities and control imposed by the Italian Legislative Decree n. 231/2001. Moreover, part of the consultancy is oriented to profiles of corporate crisis, with particular reference to crimes typical of the agreement on debits restructuration homologated ex art. 182-bis Bankruptcy Law or of the renovation plans established by ex art.67, par. 3, let. d) Bankruptcy Law.


The Law Firm, thanks to the experience collected over the years and to the background of excellence which characterizes its professionals, is able to provide consultancy and legal assistance in favor of Italian and foreign companies, listed and not listed, and of their management.

The professionals work within a synergic framework and maintain their own independence, essential requirement for the private practice, considered in its widest sense.



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